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Our team is currently accepting clients with *confirmed* due dates AFTER May 25, 2024. 

Some of the upcoming months have reached their limit for due dates, some are 'take a break' months, some of them our team is out of town and we do not have the support to be able to manage births in those months. 

We will be performing prenatal and postpartum care during this time for our current and upcoming clients, and for those expecting their baby in May 2025. 

Thank you for your support and understanding! We are so appreciative of the midwifery community and clientele in the Bitterroot Valley and surrounding areas for their support of sustainable practices and midwives practicing within their abilities. 

If you are searching for a midwife team to begin or take over your care, feel free to contact Honeysuckle Midwifery for other midwife options in the area. 

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