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Care Packages

The important thing to remember about midwifery services is that you're purchasing the whole deal: prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care, 24/7 access to a midwife, and all the advice and information you can handle! 

Use our contact page to ask us any questions about our Global Care Package, to ask about transferring care, or to set up a consultation! 

We are currently only taking cash-pay clients. If you have insurance, we are more than happy to issue a superbill at the end of your care, so you can submit it to your insurance for reimbursement. 


Free Consultation

This is your opportunity to sit down with your midwifery team and ask all the questions! We visit your home in person for about one hour, and discuss out-of-hospital birth, your eligibility for home birth, and everything that goes into this whole process. 


Global Care Package  \  $3500

This is our main package: prenatal care starting as early as 8 weeks, up to 42 weeks (usually 8-12 1 hour visits), labor/delivery/immediate postpartum care (anytime between 36.4 to slightly past 42 weeks, per Montana regulations), and then postpartum and newborn care with lactation support for the first 4-6 weeks after delivery. This includes nutritional counselling, home visits, routine laboratory specimen collections, and 24/7 access to a midwife via phone throughout the pregnancy. This fee does not include the cost of labs, ultrasounds, supplements/herbs/medications, or any doctor or hospital visits. 


Itemized Care

For our clients who wish to transfer into or out of care, we can itemize the care you have already received. Discounts can be arranged for prenatal care and labs received from other providers if you are transferring into care, and if you are leaving us, we can arrange a refund based on how many times we saw you. 

Transfers into care at Honeysuckle Midwifery are taken on a case-by-case basis. 

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